Less Wonder Woman more wondering woman


I’ve always related more to Olive Oyl than I did to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman had it together. She knew who she was, what she wanted and how to get it. Olive Oyl was a bit of a hot mess. She was cowardly, weak, whiny, and was always getting herself into bad situations which needed someone else to rescue her. She was pretty helpless.

Olive Oly and Wonder Woman do have one thing in common though. They are both one dimensional cartoon characters. Writers often create characters to mimic a part of our psyche, and many people can relate to a single character because one character can mimic something that exists within all of us.

The difference between you and a fictional character is that you are not one dimensional. I started to realize that as much as there was an Olive Oyl within me, there was also a Wonder Woman. There was a character that could make a way, that could cause a change, that could save herself.

I don’t exercise all the time. I don’t exercise for hours on end. I exercise for about 45 minutes, 5 days a week. Do you know why I exercise for 45 minutes? Because that’s all I can fit into my lunch break. Do you know why I exercise on my lunch break? Because that’s the most convenient time of day for me; Because it’s not the evening when I’m tired or the morning when I’m busy. My kids are in school and don’t have to be at work. That hour is about me, and about what I need to do to get where I want to be; physically and emotionally. I choose that hour because that’s when it works best for my schedule.

I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m not Olive Oyl. I am both of them and neither of them. I have more than one side. Nobody has it all together. Nobody has all the answers. But no mountain can stop you if you are willing to climb them.

Photograph by Samantha Stuart Photography.

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