You are what you think you are


The power you have over life is the power of perception. Our circumstances are not always under our control but our perception always is. And the more you learn to mold your perception the more you realize that truth is the belief in a notion, and a notion held deeply becomes truth. You are the master of your truth and your truth is molded by your perception.

I grew up thinking I was ugly. I thought my skin was too dark, my nose was too wide and my lips were too big. I thought I looked boyish and unattractive. And I repeated this belief to myself so much that it became my truth. I carried myself as an outcast and a misfit because my perception of the world was that I was.

I’ve hated my hernia for as long as I can remember. As I child bullies told me it made me ugly. They called me deformed and weird. And I took those words and repeated it back to myself. And it became my truth. My body was ugly, deformed, and weird, and so I hid it.

I’ve been asked, as an adult, why I don’t have surgery on the hernia. I refuse to have surgery on the hernia because I don’t need it (if it affected my health and wellness I certainly would) but also because I refuse to accept as a truth that the hernia makes my body ugly. I refuse to accept as a truth that the hernia is ugly. I am changing my truth. I am embracing the hernia and I am displaying my body proudly because my affirmation is that it is beautiful. My affirmation today is that my body is perfect exactly as it is. To have a doctor cut into my body because someone called it ugly when I was 6 years old is to accept that lie as a truth. And though I may not have control over the existence of the hernia, I have control over my perception of it.

You control your truth. So don’t let the lies and insecurities of the world become your truth.

At age 31, I love my dark skin. My truth today is that black is beautiful. I love my African nose. My truth today is that it carries my heritage. And my truth is that I am a woman. So whatever I represent myself as physically, a woman is what I am, so I don’t have to be afraid of looking boyish. I lift weights and I like muscles, and my truth is that those things are feminine too.

The world may plant alternative facts and tell you it’s truth, but you are the master of your perception.

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