How are Fit Bodies Supposed to Manifest?

Collage 2017-08-24 17_39_45

Remember that fitness model that had six pack abs at 6 months pregnant? Yeah, that’s definitely not me! 

Lately I’ve been growing tired of the old “if I can do it then you can do it too” narrative. Truth is, just because they can do it, it doesn’t mean that you can do it too. We are all different. We have different bodies, different genetics, different circumstances, different priorities and a different focus, and that’s ok! Healthy bodies manifest differently, and a healthy mind is knowing that however your healthy body manifests is beautiful.

Health for me in the last 5 weeks has meant 3 workouts, total. Abandoning my low sugar, low dairy diet and eating whatever doesn’t make me instantly throw up. It’s been replacing plain water with coconut water, lightly flavored tea, lemonade or milk because anything else makes me nauseous. It’s been eating way more salt than normal because my body is craving it, and seeing as I’ve been struggling with extremely low blood pressure and salt is known to increase your blood pressure, that’s probably why. But mostly it’s been not comparing myself to anybody else, not questioning the way I feel, and not looking for validation for my actions.

Health is about balance, and balance can look different at stages in your life, and for different people. 4 months ago balance for me was 5 workouts a week, a relatively clean diet, and lifting heavy weights. Today, balance for me is more sleep, more food, and less activity until I get the energy to start incorporating short, low intensity workouts back into my schedule. Health today is embracing my changing body for this amazing thing it’s doing – creating life!

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