I’ve partnered with Bellies Inc to bring you the following postpartum recovery products:Bellies Inc - Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Products

Bellies Inc. Ab System

The complete holistic system for you. The Ab Tank and Wrap coupled with the Core Confidence Exercise program helps you prepare your core for birth and heal your body from the inside out once your baby is born. Each complete system comes with 1 black Ab Tank, 1 beige Ab Tank and 1 beige Ab Wrap. We have also included a delicates laundry bag so you can wash one Ab Tank and still have one to wear! Also included is FREE access to the Core Confidence exercise program, and our eBook full of amazing MUST KNOW information.

Ab System by Bellies Inc

Bellies Inc. Ab Wrap

Like a gentle hug for your abdominals, the Ab Wrap provides targeted support to your postpartum abdominal wall and pelvis while you restore your core from the inside out. Core Confidence Guidebook INCLUDED! The Ab Wrap is adjustable for all shapes and sizes and is designed to be worn for the first 8 weeks postpartum to provide support to the healing tissues in the abdominal wall and pelvis. With 4 straps that can be overlapped or separated so you can have support where you need it most. The Ab Wrap is made with wooly stretch nylon elastic, a padded lumbar support and gripper elastic that is made with 27% polyester and 73% rubber (contains latex).

The ab Wrap by Bellies Inc

Birth Book

We designed this book out of necessity. We were always printing out handouts for our clients with photos and descriptions of birth positions, comfort techniques and labour support information that they could have with them at their birth for quick reference. We have bundled it all up in a great digital handbook applicable to everyone! Partners love it too!

Labour and Birth Handbook - Digital